Apple Made the iPhone SE Available Again

iPhone SE 2017

The iPhone SE made something of a comeback in recent days. Apple made the popular low-cost model available again online, having effectively discontinued it in September 2018.

For Sale on Clearance Website

iPhone SE 2017

Apple made the iPhone SE available on its U.S. clearance website over the weekend, with little fanfare. It cost around $250 (via The Times). The device appeared to be sold out at the time of this writing.

The model was originally released in March 2016. Apple removed it from its website in September 2018 after it released the more expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XR. In recent times there have been rumors that Apple would release an iPhone SE 2, but we have had nothing confirmed yet.

Gauging Popularity

Writing for Forbes, Ewan Spence noted that Apple could also gaining useful data from people browsing for the re-available iPhone SE. This could help the firm gauge the popularity of the phone. Perhaps we will see a new version after all?

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