iPhone Stuck in SOS Mode? Major Us Carriers Experience Outage With No Fix in Sight

iPhone SOS

If you’re unable to make calls and your iPhone shows SOS/ No Service at the top of the screen, you’re not alone. Apparently, the entire United States cellular network is struggling as almost every major carrier is facing an outage. 

Don’t worry, your iPhone is working fine, and it isn’t your fault. There is currently a massive outage impacting some of the well-known carriers in the United States, and it is unclear when it will be resolved. Some of the most popular providers appear to be affected, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. 

Unfortunately, even the best iPhone money can buy will not be able to place calls or use mobile data if the carriers are down, which is currently the case. Those affected by the outage are spread across the country. While it may not be the solution you want to hear, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

There has not yet been a statement published by any affected carrier so far. However, wireless internet, such as 5G for the home, is affected, and landline internet services supplied by companies do not appear to be affected. 

However, several 911 centers have reported that users are unable to use the emergency number due to this cellular network outage. There is no indication of when this current issue will be resolved. We can only hope that engineers at all impacted carriers are already trying to restore service. 

You can refer to our guide about how to fix the AT&T SOS-only issue on your iPhone and see if any of the tricks mentioned work for you. 


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