iPhone Screen Repairs By Third Parties Now Get Some Warranty Coverage

Cracked iPhone Display Repair

Apple recently decided iPhone screen repairs by third-parties don’t fully void your warranty anymore, according to MacRumors. Affected iPhone will also qualify for warranty coverage as long as the repair isn’t related to the third-party display itself. Before, iPhones with third-party displays weren’t eligible for authorized repair under warranty from an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

iPhone Screen Repairs Under Warranty

In the past, when iPhone customers with these displays needed a repair for a non-display issue, Apple Stores and authorized providers had to inspect the phone for fraud or tampering. Then they either swapped the device or replaced the broken part based on Apple’s in-warranty prices.

iPhone screen repair cracked screen
Cracked iPhone Screen

When you go in for a repair, your iPhone still needs to be under warranty to get repairs covered. If it’s out of warranty or your iPhone has a third-party display-related problem, you’ll get the option to pay Apple’s out-of-warranty pricing. A caveat: If the presence of any third-party part is unsuccessful or damages the iPhone, then you have to pay the out-of-warranty pricing to replace the part, or the entire phone if necessary.

If you’re willing to pay for a genuine Apple display to replace the third-party one, Apple Authorized Service Providers are instructed to offer the usual out-of-warranty price. AppleCare+ will not cover repairs for third-party displays and batteries. This policy applies to repairs in the United States and Canada.

Better for Customers

The change is a marked improvement for customers, many of whom are unaware third-party display repairs voided their warranty. This change also keeps Apple on the right side of regulators—especially in the E.U, which takes consumer protections more seriously. No matter how you slice it, this is a good move for iPhone owners.

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