Jamf Now Gets Custom Profiles

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Mobile device management tool Jamf Now introduced Custom Profiles Tuesday. The upgrade aimed to provide additional flexibility and device management power to users.

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Unlimited Configurations Available in Jamf Now

Custom Profiles became available for Jamf Now, the Apple device management company’s tool for small and medium-sized businesses. They are available through its Plus Plan. The new addition made unlimited configurations available. ┬áIt goes beyond the seven different configuration categories available in Blueprints:

  • Web Clips
  • Security
  • Email
  • Wi-Fi
  • Restrictions
  • Single App Mode
  • Wallpaper

The company said these options allow customers to deploy a more detailed profile. Tad Johnson, director of product strategy for Jamf Now, explained:

Custom Profiles will allow our Jamf Now customers the benefit of unlimited configurations, without sacrificing the simplicity of the Jamf Now Blueprints user interface.

To deploy a configuration, users create a custom profile in a tool such as Apple Configurator, Profile Manager, or Profile Creator. Configurations are uploaded to and deployed to all Apple devices associated with that that Blueprint.

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