Over the weekend, JCPenney’s support account on Twitter confirmed it has removed Apple Pay from its retail stores (via 9to5Mac).

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The company didn’t directly say why support for Apple Pay has been removed. But now it joins other Apple unfriendly stores like Walmart.

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JCPenney is still barely still in business. They used to have a presence at every mall around here, and this is Southern California, so that’s saying something. Now, the nearest one to here is twenty odd miles away. I imagine that they are trying to whittle off any little expense they can. I don’t know if ApplePay costs them much, but I wonder if the most Penney’s shoppers would be the type to use ApplePay, anyhow.

Lee Dronick

My wife and I still shop there, her than I, but yes they seem to be going down. I usually buy Levi’s and Dockers there, when they are on sale, casual shirts too.

Lee Dronick

Does this include the Penny’s card in my iPhone’s Wallet?