Tim Cook Shares Stunning Shot on iPhone Images for Earth Day

Penguins Earth Day

Tim Cook shared beautiful photos of nature to celebrate Earth Day Monday. The Apple CEO posted the images, all shot on an iPhone, on Twitter.

Penguins Earth Day

Earth Day – #shotoniPhone

The stunning photos included a snap of a giraffe and another of a frog resting on the petals of a flower. My personal favorite is the penguins! The pictures were taken by photographers Esther Havens, Sarah Norvell, Jason Barnes, and Vincent Riemer.

Apple is also running a series of events to mark the occasion. This includes an Apple Watch activity challenge, promoting stories and collections in the app store, and special Today at Apple sessions. Will Smith and his family visited the Apple campus Friday to discuss the environment too. His son Jaden runs an ethically sourced spring water company.

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