Former Apple Employee Jon Callas Joins EFF as Technology Projects Director

Jon callas

Jon Callas, formerly of Apple, PGP Corp, Blackphone, and Silent Circle, has joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation as its Technology Projects Director.

Jon Callas, Technology Projects Director

Mr. Callas was the chief scientist at PGP Inc., then co-founded PGP Corp. in 2002. He then moved to Entrust as its chief technology officer, then co-founded Silent Circle which specialized in encrypted communication apps.

At Apple, Mr. Callas helped design the OS X FileVault system that implements full disk encryption for Macs. He also led a team that hacked new products before release to hunt for vulnerabilities.

With EFF Mr. Callas will work on Privacy Badger, the organization’s browser add-on that stops trackers, and HTTPS Everywhere, an extension that encrypts user communications with websites. His expertise will helpful in EFF’s policies with encryption and securing the web.

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