Shocking Report Reveals How Apple ‘Undermines’ Third-Party Repair Efforts

Apple repair expansion

A report on Tuesday reveals how Apple undermines third-party repair efforts. Eight training videos were leaked, showing special talking points that technicians use (via Motherboard).

Apple Training Video

These training videos for Apple repair technicians give a script that coaches them into upselling customers on more expensive first party repairs. Motherboard says that some videos do not appear to be final, but match what Apple technicians have previously been saying.

After this, the technician launches into an explanation of why it’s best for people to replace broken iPhone parts with genuine Apple products. “A genuine Apple part has to pass AppleCare engineering criteria,” the technician says, explaining that a screen from Apple will be tested as if it had just come off the factory floor. “With a genuine Apple display, all the features you’ve come to rely on behave seamlessly…that’s not the case with third party displays.”

Companies like Apple and John Deere have been at the front to fight the Right to Repair movement. Apple has successfully helped kill bills in multiple states that would require it to give repair shops resources to fix devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. It also empowers people to repair their own devices.

A report in July claimed that President Biden will work with the FTC to create new rules in favor of the Right To Repair movement.

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