Lens Distortions Update Adds Light Volume for Customization

Lens Distortions is a photography app that lets you add overlays like fog, light, rain, and snow to your images. Version 4.0.0 update released today adds a new feature called Light Volume.

Update Notes

Upgraded Design

  • Improved filter chooser with horizontal scrolling to keep your image always visible.
  • Ability to browse effects by effect category, pack name, or preview thumbnail.
  • Quick swipe down to access effect and image adjustments.
  • Streamlined layer management at bottom. Tap a layer thumbnail to select it or press and hold to reorder or delete.
  • Ability to duplicate effects.

NEW – Light Volumeā„¢

  • A brand new effect category that enables you to create customizable light rays with dynamic light sources.
  • Soft Light filters help you add subtle rays of atmospheric light.
  • Particulate filters offer iconic light beams with dusty texture.

NEW – Image Adjustments

  • You can now make tone and color adjustments to your image independent of the effects.

Light Volume

The UI is much improved, and makes it easier to create and manage overlays. So far, Light Volume is fantastic. In the image below, you can see the Light Volume edit. I think it’s great so far because sometimes the default overlays look generic. You can check out Lens Distortions here.

lens distortions light volume
Me at the beach pretending to be Lana Del Rey

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