Scooter-Sharing Service ‘Lime’ Adds iOS 14 App Clips

Lime scooter

Lime’s business involves renting out electric scooters and bikes for people, and the company updated its app to add iOS 14 App Clips (via The Verge).

App Store: Lime – Your Ride Anytime

Lime App Clips

Launched with iOS 14, App Clips are small portions of an app that are 10Mb or less that gives users a way to find the most important bits without having to download the full app.

The update means that people can use Lime’s service without having to download its app. Instead, when a person wants to use a scooter, they can scan special QR codes using the iPhone camera. The App Clip will refer you to the nearest scoot with the best battery life. Other features include 10-minute reservations and vehicle configurations.

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