Totallee Releases Limited Edition ‘Clear Hard’ Case for iPhone 13

totalle clear hard case

Known for its ultra-thin cases, totallee has announced a limited edition clear hard case for the iPhone 13 line. It aims to offer better protection than some of its other cases.

iPhone 13 Clear Hard Case

Totalle has two kinds of cases for smartphones: Clear, and Matte. Matte cases are made of polypropylene, a hard yet flexible plastic. It’s super durable, lightweight and adds extra grip.
Transparent cases are made of TPU, a flexible, rubber-like plastic. It’s shock absorbing, grippy, and won’t yellow as much as other cases.

All of the company’s cases have a subtle lip that extends beyond the camera to ensure it is protected when you set your device down. Also, both the matte cases and transparent cases have a subtle “front lip” to protect your screen.

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