Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp All Down [Updated]

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[UPDATE] 17:50 EDT: Various services now seem to be returning, albeit slowly.

No, it’s not just you. Facebook and other services that it owns – Instagram and WhatsApp were down for users around the world on Monday. The situation is developing and The Mac Observer will keep you up to date.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down

Heading to Facebook.com leads to an error message that says that the browser cannot find the server. Similar happens if you try and access WhatsApp on the web. The iOS app is unable to connect, as is the Facebook mobile app. Instagram, meanwhile, cannot refresh its feed either.

The social media giant’s Policy Communications Director, Andy Stone, used Twitter to communicate that the company was aware of the problem.

The topic was, of course, trending on Twitter too.

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Lee Dronick

Hmmmm, in light of the 60 Minutes whistleblower interview last night, I am wondering if this is an inside job.

Lee Dronick

What happened was that Zuck’s master account was hacked because he had been commenting on posts that ask such questions as “What was your first car?”, “Where did your parents meet?”, and so on.


No wonder the world felt like a better place the last few minutes.

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

@andymstone: Take your time. Seriously. No rush.