Attention: Apple is Hiring Linux Kernel Developers

Last month Apple started placing job ads around the web looking for Linux kernel developers. In Austin, Texas the company is seeking a “Silicon Validation Engineer – Linux Driver and Kernel Developer.” (via Phoronix).

Linux Kernel Developers

You’ll need over five years of experience dealing with embedded Linux kernel development, understanding of kernel internals, familiarity with ARM, and device driver development.

Apple is looking for Linux kernel developers. Image of Apple logo, heart, and Tux the penguin.

In Cupertino, California, a job ad asks for a Linux software engineer with a focus on embedded/SoCs (system-on-a-chip). Phoronix thought that maybe it had to do with the CUPS print server or LLVM compiler, but the emphasis on embedded systems might mean something different.

“Embedded” just means that the computer chip has a dedicated function, and can’t really be updated too much to handle more tasks. So an embedded chip could be a chip inside of an iPhone, iPad, or Mac that is focussed on one thing, such as the Touch Bar controller.

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