Luna Display’s Target Display Mode Feature Adds Ethernet, Thunderbolt

Luna display with Ethernet thunderbolt

M1 iMacs don’t support Apple’s Target Display Mode, but Luna Display has a workaround with Mac-to-Mac Mode.

Mac-to-Mac Mode

M2M Mode let’s a Mac user use any Mac as a secondary display, and the latest update adds support for Ethernet and Thunderbolt. Here are some connection combinations that Luna Display lists:

  • iMac + MacBook Pro
  • MacBook + MacBook
  • Mac mini + MacBook

Previously, Mac-to-Mac Mode only worked over Luna’s wireless connection. With the free Luna Display v4.5 update, Mac-to-Mac Mode will also support Ethernet and Thunderbolt connection between Macs.

Luna Display 4.5 Features

  • Mac-to-Mac Mode now supports Ethernet and Thunderbolt connection between Macs
  • Primary Luna app now shows a battery indicator for the secondary device
  • Secondary Mac keyboard enhancements: key repeats are properly working
  • Refreshed macOS app icons
  • Retina support on M1 is more reliable now
  • In the iOS app: enhanced compatibility with 2020 iPad Air
    General bug fixes and improvements

Luna Display can be purchased for Mac at US$99.99.

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