MacBook Pro Notch Menu Bar Issues Surface

MacBook Pro Notch Menu Bar Woes

Some people questioned Apple’s decision to incorporate the notch into the new MacBook Pro. Apple has tried explaining that it provides more screen real estate with a thinner bezel. However, it seems to be causing problems. So far, notch menu bar issues include menu items and status icons getting lost.

The Notch Causes Disappearing Status Icons

The first videos of this problem showed up on Twitter, and were reported by our friends at How-To Geek. Basically, a relatively empty menu bar turns into a nightmare when information and monitoring app iStatMenus launches. Depending on how many gauges you enable in iStatMenus, it’s possible to have some disappear entirely into the notch. Fortunately, in this case, the mouse cursor will enter the notch menu bar and allow you to click on the missing icons for more information. If you wanted to just glance at the sensor’s reading, though, you’d be out of luck.

With older apps, you can’t even do that. Rather than the mouse cursor entering the notch to try finding hidden items, it skips around the notch altogether. Nelson shows an old version of DaVinci Resolve, where menu items overtake the system icons. The only way to circumvent the problem is to minimize DaVinci Resolve.

This is a really annoying problem, but how many people have enough items in their menu bar to be affected? Power users certainly could fill up the menu bar quickly, but they might already have the problem licked. Apps like Bartender are very popular with power users. Bartender allows you to hide the menu bar and status icons you rarely use.

The fact is, though, we really shouldn’t need a third-party app to clean up this mess. Let’s hope that macOS 12.0.2 isn’t far off and will fix this issue.

8 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Notch Menu Bar Issues Surface

  • This most certainly IS an Apple problem… and that’s why they fixed it before we even knew it was a problem. People need to chill a bit before raising their Internet Rage level.

    1. Select the app with the menubar notch problem in the Finder
    2. Hit Command + i
    3. Click the checkbox next to “Scale to fit below built-in camera” at the bottom of the General section

    They provided this option because they knew not all developers were going to fix their menubars to adjust for the notch right away.

  • I hate to use the preface I’m about to, but…
    If Steve Jobs were around, Federighi’s head would be on a platter.

    This is unrefined, rush-to-market software that we once mocked in Windows.

  • Thanks Jeff for reporting on this. There are other really bad problems with the menu bar.

    Also, this is a pro machine. LOTS OF PROS use iStat menus and other things like it. It will affect a large portion of this target market.

    1. It’s 100% an Apple problem in that the guidance they’ve given developers thus far doesn’t help with either problem. The mouse cursor skipping over the notch is also at the OS-level, not a developer issue.

    2. I disagree. As he shows in the 2nd video, even the battery level icon can be stashed behind there. Clearly an OS issue that failed to be addressed. Or discovered, which is even more damning.

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