This Designer is Re-Thinking the macOS Font Picker

Designer Sam William Smith created a concept for the macOS Font Picker. He wants to make it easier to use when you have a lot of fonts installed. I think it’s great and hopefully Apple will take cues from him.

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macOS Font Picker

The macOS font picker has largely remained the same since the old days of the Mac. Fonts have changed, and the number of fonts has changed. But the fundamental way to choose them has stayed the same. You have to pick one to use from a huge drop-down menu.

Image of the redesigned macOS font picker.
The macOS font picker concept

Therein lies the problem. The more fonts you have, the bigger the menu will be, and it can be a bit laborious to find and pick one. Mr. Smith’s solution is simple but brilliant, as most great designs are. He adds a favorites list, a search bar, and a recents list.

I would love to be able to favorite fonts. I’m a big fan of Apple’s San Francisco typeface, although for some reason it isn’t the default font like Helvetica Neue is. No worries, I installed it and use it as my own default (although I think that goes against the Terms of Service, so shhh).

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