Magnetic MOFT Snap Tablet Stand Launches on May 20

MOFT snap tablet stand

MOFT is releasing a new, magnetic iPad stand called MOFT Snap Tablet Stand, modeled after the MOFT X. It will be available to purchase on Thursday, May 20 for US$39. At 0.73 mm and weighing just under 5 oz, the slim stand folds flat and attracts magnetically to the side of the Magic Keyboard for convenient organization without adding bulk.

MOFT Snap Tablet Stand

Like its other stands, the MOFT Snap is based on folding, so it collapses down into a slim product when you’re not using it. It uses a proprietary soft silicone pad with magnetic-like properties that offers users new ways to experience their devices. And as the Snap Tablet Sticker is not made of magnets it will not impact wireless charging and NFC capabilities.

The stand offers six angles for hands-free viewing and performing varying tasks on any surface. In portrait mode, 25°/40°/60° angles are ideal for reading, writing, and video calls, while landscape angles at 30°/40°/60° are poised for drawing and watching movies. Versatile and mobile, the kickstand also transforms the iPad into an extra monitor and allows for various workstation setups and easy work space hopping.

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