‘Many Concerns’ About Apple Pay, Says EU Antitrust Chief

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EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said “many concerns” had been raised to her about Apple Pay. Reuters saw a document in which the EU asked online sales companies whether they had been told to use the service instead of a rival option.

‘A Number of Questions’ About Apple Pay

The EU’s antitrust chief told a news briefing at Web Summit Lisbon, Portugal:

We’ve been asking quite a number of questions because we get many concerns when it comes to Apple Pay for pure competition reasons. People see it becomes increasingly difficult to compete in the market for easy payments.

The EU began turning its attention onto Apple’s mobile payment service in the middle of last month. It is looking into a number of allegations, including that rival payment services are unable to use the Wallet app.

2 thoughts on “‘Many Concerns’ About Apple Pay, Says EU Antitrust Chief

  • I would like to see exactly what these concerns are.
    A list of them would be nice from people saying we have been hearing a lot of concerns.
    What is the nature of the concerns exactly?

  • Maybe there needs to be an open source, worldwide mobile payments solution. That could help everyone with concerns out.
    Maybe apple and other companies should fund such a push. Then there could be a viable solution and assuage worries.

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