Mark Zuckerberg will focus on privacy when he addresses Facebook F8 developer conference Tuesday. Amid much criticism, the Facebook CEO will talk about the company’s new “privacy focussed” approach (via AP News).


Mark Zuckerberg Takes a More Defensive Approach

Last year Mr. Zuckerberg urged developers to keep building using his platform. He also emphasized the Oculus VR headset and Instagram stories. This year, he is going to have to be somewhat more defensive. Facebook has been caught up in a number of data privacy-related scandals. Subsequently, Mr. Zuckerberg will emphasize the importance of privacy to his company. He will talk about the power of “communities” on the platform too. F8 lasts for two days.

The annual developer meet-up is taking place in San Jose at a tumultuous time for the company. As well as Mr. Zuckerberg’s keynote, day one of the conference includes sessions on Machine Learning, AR, and using a range of programming languages. There are also sessions discussing how to use Facebook for marketing and customer service purposes.

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Lee Dronick

If he came into the room and told me that it was raining outside I would have to fact-check him.