Masimo Accuses Apple of Delaying Legal Battle to Boost Apple Watch Sales

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Masimo Corp. claims that Apple stolen its blood-oxygen monitoring technology used in the Apple Watch Series 6. In a recent court filing it accuses Apple of delaying its legal battle to boost sales of this watch (via Bloomberg).

Masimo Corp Battle

Masimo sued Apple in January and claimed the company wanted to work with Masimo, but instead poached employees like Masimo’s chief medical officer and a chief technology officer from Cercacor Laboratories, a spinoff of Masimo.

“I have seen reports from consumers and others suggesting that the Series 6 be used as a medical product,” Masimo Chief Executive Joe Kiani said in the filing. “Not only will that harm consumers themselves, it will also reduce our opportunities to sell truly clinical-grade products to consumers.”

Apple hasn’t responded to the allegations, but instead file requests to dismiss the “stealing trade secrets” part of the lawsuit. Apple also petitioned to have Masimo’s patents invalidated at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Finally, Apple wants the trial held in Santa Ara, California.

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