Original Six Mega Man Games Launch for iOS and Android

mega man 8bit

After announcing the launch last month, Capcom has now released the first six Mega Man games for iOS and Android. Originally available for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mega Man 1 through 6 have been optimized for mobile touch-screen gameplay and are available on the iOS App Store for $1.99 each.

mega man mobile ios

Mega Man Mobile ($1.99)
Mega Man 2 Mobile ($1.99)
Mega Man 3 Mobile ($1.99)
Mega Man 4 Mobile ($1.99)
Mega Man 5 Mobile ($1.99)
Mega Man 6 Mobile ($1.99)

These aren’t the first Mega Man games available for iOS — 1993’s Mega Man X was adapted for the iPhone in 2011 — but it’s the first time the classic NES versions are officially available on the platform. So if you couldn’t nab one of the elusive NES Classics this holiday season, here’s your chance to relive some childhood memories.

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