‘Mimeo Photos’ Releases Huge 5.0 Release for Mac App

mimeo photos on mac

Mimeo Photos has released version 5.0 for its Mac app, and the company says this is their biggest Mac update ever. It’s a service that The Mac Observer has reviewed in the past and recommend.

Mimeo Photos 5.0

Mimeo Photos is a photo-printing service to let you display your art using a variety of mediums: Puzzles, blankets, metal plates, canvases, photo books, and more. Version 5.0 includes:

  • Project Syncing: Mimeo Photos has developed first-to-market project syncing across multiple Mac devices (macOS Big Sur & Monterey, only). For example, if iCloud is enabled and a project is started on a MacBook, it can be continued or finished on another macOS device, and vice versa.
  • Pixel Nudging: To give users even more precise positioning over their images, Mimeo Photos has introduced pixel nudging. Using the arrow keys, images can be moved one pixel at a time, giving the user much more fine grained control over their layout. Holding shift and arrow moves images 10 pixels at a time.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Users can now use keyboard shortcuts including cut, copy paste, undo and redo to save time on their photo project creation.
  • Single Page Organizing: Previously, users could only drag and move two photobook pages around. Now, single pages can be adjusted and moved within a photobook project.
  • Image Deletion: Users can now easily remove images from the photos tool panel.
  • Project Zoom & Minimap View: Users are now able to zoom into any part of their project. When zoomed in, a new “minimap” will appear in the lower left corner. The minimap allows users to quickly navigate around their project while zoomed in on the details.

Sean Doherty, General Manager of Mimeo Photos:

Our customers asked, and we listened. I couldn’t be more excited that our team was able to get so many updates into a single release. Many of these new features have been things our customers have been asking for, and the fact that we could deliver on all of them is something I’m really proud of.

Find the update on the Mac App Store here.

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