Minecraft on Apple TV was Dropped and Nobody Noticed

Minecraft for Apple TV and tombstone

Minecraft is a really popular game, but apparently not on Apple TV. It seems so few people were playing on Apple TV that no one noticed until now that support for the app on September 24th.

Minecraft for Apple TV and tombstone
Minecraft for Apple TV discontinued

It took a Twitter thread from Steve Troughton-Smith on October 9th for people to pay any real attention to the game’s demise. That says a lot about Apple TV as a gaming platform.

Apple TV was a hobbled gaming platform from the beginning thanks to restrictions like requiring Apple Remote game play support and controlling where game resources were stored. Apple eventually lifted those restrictions, but not before game developers turned their back to focus on PCs and true game consoles.

That’s unfortunate because now Apple TV isn’t seen as a gaming platform by users or developers. Minecraft is just another example proving that point, and probably why we don’t see any LEGO games on Apple TV.

Minecraft is gone from the Apple TV App Store, but is still playable if you already have it. The app won’t, however, get any more updates.

2 thoughts on “Minecraft on Apple TV was Dropped and Nobody Noticed

  • Hmmm My kids were waiting for the version that works on windows 10, and their iPads so they could play on the Apple TV too. Took so long… they never even got a chance or they would be doing on the Apple TV. But because the Apple TV didn’t offer the same inter playability they had with their friends, Apple TV was just never part of the mix. …. Needed to be the same as the iPad version for it to take off.

    Cart before the Horse.
    Chicken or Egg?

    If you don’t build it…. nobody can ever come.

    Wasn’t so much that we wouldn’t play on the Apple TV…. but the crippled version wasn’t what was needed.

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