Mophie Releases Wireless Charging Stand+ With Soft Fabric

Mophie wireless charging stand+

This week mophie released a new product called wireless charging stand+. It lets you charge three device at once with two wireless charging spots and a USB-A port.

wireless charging stand+

Covered in soft fabric, the stand+ can charge your iPhone in portrait and landscape through cases up to 3mm thick. Qi-charging delivers up to 15W of power and the stand comes with an Apple Watch adapter.

  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.95 x 3.78 in (200 x 126 x 96 mm)
Input / Output Power:
  • Barrel input: 19V at up to 2.37A
  • Wireless charging stand location: 15W
  • Wireless charging pad location: 10W
  • USB-A port: 5V at up to 1.5A / 5W

The mophie wireless charging stand+ can be purchased for US$79.95 and includes a tw0-year limited warranty.

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