For Hire: An Analyst to Share Negative Siri Feedback With Team

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There is so much negative Siri feedback that Apple’s needs a full-time employee to manage it, called Siri Social Media Analysis & Marketing Production (via VentureBeat).

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Negative Siri Feedback

Complaints about Siri is par for the course when you’re an Apple customer. I have high hopes for the virtual assistant with former Google employee John Giannandrea heading Apple’s AI strategy, and he probably doesn’t have enough time to wade through the comments himself.

The Siri team is looking for an organized, thoughtful, and driven candidate to contribute in two key areas: First, developing and leading a program to monitor what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources; then providing product analysis and recommendations to stakeholders and leadership. And second, facilitating Siri engineering support and guidance to ensure the success of Apple Marketing campaigns, press events, product announcements, and launches; then analyzing the impact of these efforts.

The employee will have the power to lead “rapid-response solutions” to fix problems with Siri that are trending or viral.

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2 thoughts on “For Hire: An Analyst to Share Negative Siri Feedback With Team

  • Well, my negative feedback to Siri starts and end with saying “that didn’t help at all,” “that was a really dumb answer,” or similar. Siri does have the grace to apologise, and, being an optimist, I like to think that the feedback goes somewhere …

  • “Hey Siri, text Jennifer”

    ‘You will need to unlock your iPhone first’ (I am driving and can’t legally unlock the iPhone)

    “Hey Siri, message Jennifer”

    ‘What would you like to say to Jennifer?’

    What is the difference?

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