New Apple Podcast Rules Aim to Clean up Episodes

In more podcast news today, emails are getting sent to people with new podcast rules about episode metadata and titles (via AppleInsider).

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New Rules

Apple is sending out advice to podcasters in an email titled ‘Optimize Your Show’s Metadata.’ One guideline says to write unique descriptions for each episode and not to make the description be a repeat of the author name or title. Speaking of titles, Apple doesn’t want podcasters to list episode numbers anymore.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Including placeholder text from your hosting provider. For example, descriptions such as “Podcast by [author name],” “New podcast weblog,” “Cover art photo provided by [name],” or “Description goes here.”
  • Verbatim repetition of the title or author name in the description. For example, “The Very Hungry Tourists by Dr. María Sánchez and John Appleseed.”
  • Incorporating irrelevant content or spam. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists | Travel | Explore | Learn” or author names like “Dr. María Sánchez, coach and travel enthusiast.”
  • Adding episode numbers in titles. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists Episode 01” or episode titles like “01 Broken Heirloom.”

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Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

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