New Belkin iPhone 11 Products Released in Time for Holidays

New Belkin iPhone 11 products have been released by the company just in time for the holidays, like a wireless charging stand, screen protector, and privacy screen protector.

BoostCharge 7.5W Wireless Charging Stand

The Belkin wireless charging stand gives you a 7.5 watt charge to your iPhone, whether it’s in landscape or portrait mode. It also has a dual coil design for fast charging, and it’s compatible with cases. You can get it from the Apple Store for US$59.95.

Belkin iPhone 11 screen protector
Belkin iPhone 11 screen protector

InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protector

This screen protector is designed for the curves of the iPhone, and gives you complete edge-to-edge protection. It’s toughened using an ion-exchange process and Belkin claims it as a “higher molecular density than other types of glass.” You can get it from the Apple Store for US$49.95.

InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protector

This offers the same level of protection and “toughness” of the regular screen protector. It adds a two-way side view filter so that people standing on your sides can’t see what’s on your screen. You can get it from the Apple Store for US$44.95.

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