New California Privacy Law Comes Into Force Tomorrow

Walmart California

A new law designed to protect customer privacy comes into force in California tomorrow, January 1st, 2020. Retailers in the U.S. are scrambling to make sure they comply (via Reuters).

Walmart California

Firms in California Prepare For New Privacy Regulations

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows shoppers to tell firms they do not want their data sold to third parties. Retailers in California are working to make sure they comply with the incoming regulations. For example, Walmart will have “Do Not Sell My Info” links on their websites. Furthermore, signs in stores will explain the new law. Home Depot is going to provide shoppers across the U.S. with relevant information. Its California stores are going to have QR codes linking to relevant information, as well as signs.

As well as retailers, major tech firms such as Google and Facebook, and others developing apps, streaming TV services, advertising, and mobile service providers are affected by the regulation. However, Facebook previously said it did not believe the new law applied them

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