New Pokémon Mobile Game Unveiled

Pokémon Masters

The Pokémon Company announced a new game for iOS at a major press conference Wednesday. It also revealed new cloud and sleep monitoring services.

Pokémon Masters

New Smartphone Games

The company unveiled the new game, Pokémon Masters, at the event. Optimized for smart devices, it will be available on iOS and Android. More details about the game are set to be revealed next month. For now, the company is simply saying that Masters will feature on the go battles and well-known trainers from the franchise. Furthermore, mobile game Pokémon Quest is heading to China, the company announced. There will also be a new Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo Switch. It will conclude the story from the Detective Pikachu 3DS game.

The Pokémon Home cloud service was unveiled too. Players can store all the characters they have caught in the various games and bring everything together into one game system. Smartphones users can also conduct trades worldwide

Wake up With Pokémon

Ever dreamed of Pokémon? Now you can wake up with them. There is going to be a new Pokémon Sleep mobile app. Again, more details will be released in the near future. All we know at the moment is that how long a player sleeps for will affect the gameplay. There will be a new Nintendo peripheral device, and Pokémon Go+ will connect with Sleep. An embedded accelerometer in the device will send information to a user’s smartphone. Users can get an early look at the app today, but it will launch on mobile devices in 2020. This is not the brand’s first move into health and wellness. Previously, Pokémon Go integrated with Apple Health.

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