New Today at Apple Tutorial Video Shows Users How to Capture ‘Dramatic Summer Light’


Today Apple has posted a new Today at Apple tutorial video showcasing the joys of summer light. The new video has Apple Creative Pros Jahmyra and David teaming up with Eddy Chen, a professional photographer, in order to explore ways to capture and edit “Dramatic Summer Light” with your iPhone camera.

Today at Apple Tutorial Video Focuses on Photographing Summer

The new iPhone camera tutorial is now on Apple’s YouTube channel. Apple describes the session as “Learn how to photograph and edit dramatic summer light on iPhone, with tips on using Portrait mode, Depth Control, and Night mode from photographer Eddy Chen and Creative Pros Jahmyra and David.”

Fans of Euphoria and photography may recognize Chen as being the set photographer for the series. Additionally, Chen has also shot various film and TV sets throughout his career. In addition to Euphoria, Chen has also worked on the TV series Blindspotting and Web Therapy.

The six minute video begins with Jahmyra meeting David at the Apple Antara Store in Mexico City. According to the video, David runs photo tours in Mexico City, and typically shows his audience the best way to utilize their photography skills. The two meet up with David and they begin exploring the sights of Mexico City.

Within the video, topics covered include:

  • Create a Shared Album 00:39
  • Adjust exposure to capture afternoon shadows 1:26
  • Push contrast to accentuate shadows 1:50
  • Use the golden hour to take glowing portraits 2:27
  • Switch to Portrait mode for better focus and Depth Control 2:58
  • Dial up shadows and brightness to add drama to your portraits 3:15
  • Capture electric scenes after dark with Night mode 4:07
  • Play with contrast and black point to bring focus to the subject 4:55
  • Share before and after photos with #ShotoniPhone 6:07
  • Go further with #TodayatApple live sessions 6:18

Concerning #TodayatApple live sessions, Apple provides in-store sessions that can help users “learn essential photo skills, experiment with portraiture and even break the rules for more artful photos”. For example, in my area, sessions include “Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone”, “Editing on iPhone” and “Photo Lab for Kids: Fun Family Portraits”. You can check Apple’s official website to see if they have any sessions near you.

Do you enjoy taking photographs of the summer nights? What do you like to capture? Let us know in the comments.

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