Nimble’s Spring 2021 Replay Charging Collection is Environmentally Friendly

Nimble REPLAY charging collection

Recently, Nimble introduced its Spring 2021 REPLAY Collection filled with fast-charge accessories produced with a low carbon footprint.


Made with 72.5% recycled materials, there are three lines of chargers in the REPLAY suite.

  • CHAMP Series Portable Chargers are small, yet mighty. Housed in 72.5% REPLAY Certified Recycled Plastic, CHAMP Series is ultra-compact, with more power than chargers twice the size to power any USB-powered device.
  • WALLY Series Wall Chargers are made from 72.5% REPLAY Certified Recycled Plastic. WALLY Series is a smaller, more energy efficient choice for fast charging laptops, smartphones and other USB-powered devices.
  • PowerKnit Cables combine premium durability, speed and style for safe, reliable charging of any USB-powered device.

Each product is available at different prices and you can find them on

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