North Dakota School Launches Apple Wallet Mobile ID

Apple Wallet mobile ID

A university in North Dakota recently launched its Apple Wallet Mobile ID system for students, faculty, and staff. Members of the university can add their IDs to Apple Wallet and present them to campus security using the iPhone or Apple Watch. The digital ID can also be used to access other university services.

Apple Wallet Mobile ID is Safe and Secure

Valley City State University (VSCU) introduced the new mobile ID system ahead of the fall semester. With just a tap, the mobile ID can be used to safely and securely access the campus. In addition, students, faculty, and staff can use the mobile ID to purchase meals and more.

Using mobile IDs instead of physical ones has become popular in schools due to the obvious fact that it’s more sustainable. Physical IDs usually cost at least $25. Not only is the mobile ID free to have but it’s also more convenient to use. This could also lessen the instances when students forget to bring their IDs. Now, they would have no reason to leave their IDs at home. After all, let’s admit it, people don’t usually forget their phones at home.

Other Things the Mobile ID Can Do

Aside from accessing the campus, the VSCU mobile ID can also be used to access residence halls, check out books at the library, purchase books from the campus bookstore, and yes, even buy a cup of coffee. For those who fear a breach of data security, the VSCU mobile ID is protected by two-factor authentication.

VSCU Chief Information Officer Joe Tykwinski said, “VCSU continues to provide technology leadership in North Dakota higher education. The latest mobile solutions help ensure students and employees have convenient access to the information and services they need.”

VSCU President Alan LaFave said the mobile ID system is safe and highly secure.

Moving from physical cards to a contactless Viking Mobile ID allows for transactions that are safe, convenient, and highly secure. This also helps students avoid touching the readers or handing their ID cards to someone else. The safety and security of students and employees is a top priority. The Viking Mobile ID is a great addition to the VCSU experience.

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