Get Public Government Data on Your iPhone With OPEN Government Data Act

President Trump recently passed the OPEN Government Data Act, and it means that all public data made available by the government must be in a format accessible by electronic devices (via The Center for Data Innovation).

[U.S. Government had 4,570 Device Requests for Apple in 2018]

Public Government Data

It’s a win for transparency, as the act prevents the government from responding to FOIA requests with big data dumps in proprietary file formats.

Open data has enormous value for businesses, journalists, academics, civil society groups, and even other government agencies. These organizations use the vast supply of data the federal government makes freely available in open formats online to develop innovative products and services, make important business decisions, conduct research, and ensure accountability and oversight in government.

The Center for Data Innovation

This makes the United States the global leader in open data.

[Apple Employee Joins ACLU to Fight Government Back Doors]

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

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Super stoked by this. Trump got this one right.
The citizens need access and transparency in all things regarding the government.