Organizations Using Both Mac and Non-Mac Devices Consider Apple Devices Safest Out The Box

More than three-quarters of organizations that use both Mac and non-Mac devices consider Apple’s offerings as the most secure out of the box. That’s according to a survey of 1500 IT and infosec professionals, conducted by market research firm Vanson Bourne and Apple enterprise management software maker Jamf.

Mac’s Considered Safest and Provide More End-User Satisfaction

In total, 77 percent of organizations using both Mac and non-Mac devices view those made by Apple as the most-secure out of the box. Furthermore, 79 percent of Mac users say that its reputation for security has a positive effect on their purchasing decisions. Perhaps more interesting is the that fact 57 percent of predominantly non-Mac organizations hold the same view. Seventy-one percent of those surveyed whose organizations use both Macs and non-Macs said they have better end-user satisfaction with the Mac when all security tools are activated. Crucially, 84 percent of respondents whose companies use various kinds of devices said if they had to choose just one platform it would be the Mac.

‘Impressive’ Enterprise Growth From Apple’s Devices

Mac continues its impressive growth in the enterprise, and through this study we found demand for these devices is driven not just by end users, but also by IT and security teams,” said Patrick Wardle, principal security researcher, Jamf. “However, there are still unique challenges and concerns securing these devices. Organizations with Mac deployments need to reach for tools that are purpose-built for Apple, and thus can counter the ever-evolving Mac-specific threats. Moreover, such tools must support new versions of the operating systems on their day of release, to ensure that teams can test and upgrade their macOS fleets right away – all while extending the native Apple experience workers need.”

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