Pandora Podcasts Now Available on Web and Desktop

After being available in its mobile app Pandora Podcasts is launching for Mac and Windows users and also on the web.

Pandora Podcasts

Launching last year the Pandora Podcasts catalog has grown fivefold to have thousands of shows and over 600,000 episodes across genres like Daily News, Comedy, True Crime, Sports & Recreation, Music, Fiction & Drama, and many others.

And soon, Pandora and SiriusXM users will be able to enjoy exclusive scripted and unscripted podcasts from Marvel Entertainment based around iconic Marvel characters like Wolverine, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

But what makes Podcasts on Pandora truly unique is our ability to recommend exactly the right podcast to the right listener at the right time with Podcast Genome Project personalization. Never again do users have to ask, “What podcast should I listen to next?”

You can download the Mac app here.

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