Facebook Launches Payment System ‘Facebook Pay’

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Today Facebook announced the launch of its consumer payment system. No, it’s not the cryptocurrency ‘Libra.’ Instead it’s called Facebook Pay.

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay will be a payment system across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The company says it will make it easier to shop, donate to causes, and send money to other Facebook users.

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  • Add your preferred payment method once then use Facebook Pay where available to make payments and purchases on our apps, instead of having to re-enter your payment information each time
  • Set up Facebook Pay app-by-app, or choose to set it up for use across apps (where available) — that means we won’t automatically set up Facebook Pay across the apps you are active on, unless you choose to do so
  • View payment history, manage payment methods and update your settings in one place 
  • Get real-time customer support via live chat in the US (and in more places around the world in the future)
  • Clearly understand which payment services are part of Facebook

Facebook Pay will begin rolling out to Facebook and Messenger this week for people in the United States.

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