Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Released With Support for Metal

Parallels Desktop lets you use other operating systems on your Mac without the fuss of rebooting or partitioning your hard drive. The company behind it just released Parallels Desktop 15.

Parallels Desktop 15

First, Parallels Desktop 15 adds support for Apple’s Metal API. This lets the company also support DirectX 11, moving away from OpenGL. The company says you’ll be able to run intensive programs like CAD/CAM software, and games like Crysis 3, Space Engineers, and more.

The software also supports features in macOS Catalina, like Sidecar, support for Apple Pencil, and Sign In with Apple. Catalina also drops support for 32-bit apps, but you can run those in Parallels Desktop 15 as long as you load a pre-Catalina OS.

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One thought on “Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Released With Support for Metal

  • The problem with Parallel Desktop is that it crashes Windows when trying to control and record data from an external machine via USB. VMware Fusion has no problem with that.

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