Mophie Launches Multi-Device Wireless Charging Pads

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Accessory maker mophie has launched two new wireless charging pads that can be used with multiple devices, as well as two car chargers. Each accessory is available on Apple’s website.

Charging Pads

  • Dual wireless charging padThe mophie dual wireless charging pad charges any compatible iPhone and AirPods quickly and efficiently. An extra USB-A port allows a third USB device to be charged simultaneously, such as Apple Watch. US$99.95
  • 3-in-1 wireless charging padThe 3-in-1 wireless charging pad conveniently charges iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch from one central location. To ensure a seamless charging experience for all three devices, it features a dedicated cavity for AirPods, and an integrated charging stand for Apple Watch that holds it at the ideal angle for Nightstand Mode with an unobstructed view of the screen. US$139.95

mophie charging pad

Car Chargers

  • USB-C car charger: The mophie USB-C Car Charger lets you speedily and efficiently charge your iPhone, iPad, or AirPods. Made of premium anodized aluminum, the sleek car charger safely recharges your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go. A charging indicator light quickly lets you see that power is flowing and that the charger is ready to recharge your devices. US$24.95
  • Dual USB-A car charger: Made of premium anodized aluminum, the sleek mophie Dual USB-A Car Charger conveniently and efficiently charges two iPhone, iPad, or AirPods devices when you’re on the road. It also offers a charging indicator light that lets you quickly see that power is flowing and that the charger is ready to recharge your devices. US$29.95

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