pCloud Releases Report on Invasive iOS Apps and Facebook Wins

Cloud provider pCloud released a report of the most invasive apps on iOS using iOS 14 privacy labels. No surprise but apps from Facebook are the worst (via iMore).

Invasive iOS Apps

The analysis found that 52% of apps are sharing our data with third-parties. These entities could be associated with the company, or the developers sell access to their users’ data. These include companies like BuzzSumo and Hootsuite.

Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn share the most data as the number one, two, and three apps respectively on the list. Next up, YouTube shares 42% of data as the number six spot. This data is used for advertising on YouTube’s platform and sold to third-parties for their own ad platforms.

What about the safest apps to use that keep your data private? Netflix, Clubhouse, and Signal are the Good Samaritans for this aspect. You can see the full list on pCloud’s blog and it’s a worthy read.

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