Pennsylvania To Crack Whip on AirTag Secret Tracking Under Anti-Stalking Laws

Pennsylvania To Crack Whip on AirTag Secret Tracking Under Anti-Stalking Laws

While Apple AirTags may be a nifty product for tracking your belongings (and, in some cases, recovering your car from theft), there have been multiple instances where stalkers have used the device to keep an eye on their partners, family members, and even strangers without the others’ consent.

This is why Pennsylvania has joined the initiative to criminalize unauthorized tracking via such devices, as its House of Representatives voted 199-1 to outlaw secret tracking using devices such as Apple AirTags. If passed into law, it would include the use of tracking devices for secret tracking under Pennsylvania’s anti-stalking laws, punishable by up to 90 days in jail, according to Associated Press.

The backstory is that AirTags, since their launch in 2021, have been found in multiple incidents of unauthorized tracking. One such instance also included where thieves installed the keyring-sized AirTags into cars to track the car’s location and later stole it. Take note that it’s just one example, and there have been worse cases.

Within a year of its launch, Apple announced plans to ensure user protection and avoid future misuse. Cupertino partnered with Google to develop new features for the safe and secure use of trackers. According to reports, these security features are expected in an upcoming iOS 17.5 update.

In the meantime, Pennsylvania is prepping up to join the forces to take strict action on those using trackers such AirTags to secretly stalk people. Similar laws exist in other states in the U.S., including California, Hawaii, and Florida. Florida, for instance, has tightened its legislation to hunt down stalkers from exploiting legal loopholes. Now, with amendments in place, the state aims to make it more challenging for stalkers to manipulate the legal framework for their malicious purposes.

With such laws in place, we might see fewer cases of stalkers using AirTags and other products to track down vehicles or people’s whereabouts. Notably, this move would encourage more states to outline and implement strict laws on unauthorized usage of AirTags and similar products.


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