Apple Lobbyist Pulls Self-Repair Bill

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Today, Apple lobbyists met with members of the Privacy and Protection Committee in California, warning that customers who try to repair their own devices may hurt themselves. The lobbyists have since pulled the self-repair bill (via Motherboard).

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Apple is against the right to repair your own devices. The latest argument against the idea comes from Susan Talamantes-Eggman, an Apple representative and lobbyist for CompTIA, a trade organization that represents big tech companies.

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Right to repair legislation would require Apple and other companies to make it easier for customers to fix their own devices, selling repair parts and tools, and make diagnostic and repair information publicly available. A copy of a letter address to committee chairperson Ed Chau said,

With access to proprietary guides and tools, hackers can more easily circumvent security protections, harming not only the product owner but also everyone who shares their network. When an electronic product breaks, consumers have a variety of repair options, including using an OEM’s [original equipment manufacturer] authorized repair network.

Experts, like director of consumer rights group US PIRG Nathan Proctor said Apple’s warning was overblown. However, Apple/CompTIA have retracted the bill. In a statement, Ms. Talamentes-Eggman told Motherboard:

Today I decided to pull Assembly Bill 1163 from consideration in the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee, with the goal of moving the bill in January of next year. While this was not an easy decision, it became clear that the bill would not have the support it needed today, and manufacturers had sown enough doubt with vague and unbacked claims of privacy and security concerns.

I feel that we are on the right side of this issue, and that ultimately the bill will prevail. Unfortunately, presenting it today would not advance the issue because it would jeopardize our opportunity to continue working on the bill next year. I will be working with members of the committee in the coming months to secure the support needed to make the Right to Repair a reality in California.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Lobbyist Pulls Self-Repair Bill

  • I am probably an idiot, but I do not understand what this right to repair thing is all about. People can, and obviously do repair their devices all of the time. Ifixit has detailed instructions on how to do it. Are supporters looking for an Easy button, that disassembles the device for them. Are they trying to replace pentalobe screws with Phillips? Less glue?

  • When Apple stole the name from the Beatles and got sued and “lost” paid $$$ with stipulation that said they would never be in the music business – and then lied I knew Steve didn’t care about copyrights. Now Apple is touting “privacy” as if that’s a “thing” when in fact it’s a justification for their sandbox of ethically corrupt lies about security and repairs. Many people have lost once in a lifetime memories because Apple said their data was gone when in fact you can research the housewives that absolutely can retrieve your data in most cases Apple says you can’t. Then there’s “right to repair” another extension of the sandbox of corrupt control via lies. See iFixit and I rest my case. If I didn’t still love old Mac Classic OS’ up to Tiger and semi current Sierra (I will never go past Sierra) which runs thousands of dollars of software rendered moot for no real reason after Sierra – you’d never hear from this whiner again, but foolishly I still think like it’s 1992 and Apple were the good guys – the pre Toy era of Mpeg players and phones that ruined Apple for good (except for the filthy lucre the stock made)
    Waiter – where’s the Brie I asked for? I Need something to go with my whine….. 🍷

  • Eventually it will pass. Then the first person who tries to replace their battery, bends it, and has it catch fire in their face will sue. Only then will people see how dumb this is.

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