Polish Apple Pay Use Has Already Skyrocketed

Redditor u/Rabus has posted some interesting statistics to the r/Apple subreddit about Polish Apple Pay use. Apple recently launched Apple Pay in Poland, and already the adoption of it has skyrocketed. Let’s dive into the numbers (via TableTowo).

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Polish Apple Pay Use

Image of person using Apple Pay. Polish Apple Pay Use Has Already Skyrocketed.

The market share of Android in Poland is roughly 95%. Market share of iOS is about 2.32%. In total, 64% of people living in Poland use smartphones. This translates into:

  • 22,800,000 Android users
  • 556,800 iOS users

Google launched Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) back in 2016, and it has about 300,000 users. Google took about four months to reach 25,000 users on Poland. In contrast, in 10 days Apple Pay already has roughly 200,000 users.

AppleInsider notes that there are a couple of further details. On iOS, Apple Pay is the only payment option you can use with NFC. On Android, banks can use HEC (host card emulation) to create virtual credit cards without supporting Google Pay. And many low-end Android smartphones don’t have NFC.

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