By 2025 Apple Pay Could Make up 10% of Global Transactions

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By 2025 Apple Pay could account for 10% of global card transactions. Currently the service accounts for 5% (via Quartz).

Global Transactions

Research firm Bernstein compiled and projected the trend data. Right now digital payments is a US$1 trillion business around the world. Credit card companies Visa and MasterCard process over US$14 trillion payments every year. And according to other research, contactless payments is said to increase to US$1.5 trillion in 2024.

PayPal currently leads the online payments market, but Bernstein said that Apple Pay represents a “long-term, competitive threat” to the service. Indeed, according to analysts last year, 43% of iPhone users around the world had activated Apple Pay. This translates to 383 million users and that number grows every year.

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  • I didn’t activate ApplePay until I upgraded my 5s to an Xs. (Yes that long!). It’s so damned convenient, it’s my first payment option and I avoid merchants that don’t accept it. And holdouts are getting fewer and fewer.

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