Apple Unveils New 9.7-inch iPad Starting at $329

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Apple introduced an updated 9.7-inch iPad on Tuesday with an A9 processor starting at US$329. The update was one of two new products and came after scheduled down time at Apple’s online store.

9.7-inch Retina iPad gets a refresh and lower price

Apple intros lower price 9.7-inch iPad model

The new iPad sports what Apple says is a brighter Retina display, a 64-bit A9 processor, 8MP FaceTime and rear-facing cameras with HD video recording, stereo speakers, Touch ID Home button, Bluetooth, and WiFi, along with cellular data on some models. It’s available in Space Gray, silver, and gold with 32 GB or 128 GB storage.

The WiFi-only models are priced at $329 for 32 GB and $429 for 128 GB storage. The WiFi plus cellular data models cost $459 for 32 GB or $559 for 128 GB.

Apple will start taking orders for the new models on Friday, March 24th with delivery starting the following week.

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  1. MarcusNewton

    I think Apple should have called this the ePad, since this seems to be their education market iPad; like how the eMac was to the iMac. Apple needed a low-cost iPad to defend against the wave of chromebooks in the education market.

    The tech specs say that this iPad does not have a fully laminated display or anti-reflective coating. Which leads me to believe that Apple did this so that the iPads hold up better in classrooms and are cheaper and easier to repair when kids drop these.

    I think it is also telling that Logitech released their Rugged Combo case for this iPad, which is education-focused, at the same time.

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