Apple Releases Firmware Update 2D15 for AirPods Pro

Image of AirPods Pro on top of case.

Today Apple released firmware version 2D15 for AirPods Pro. This will bring all customers to one update.


Until now, the AirPods Pro user base was fractured. Some users had firmware version 2C54 and others had 2B588. People with 2B588 complained that it weakened the Active Noise Cancellation feature of AirPods Pro.

Firmware updates to AirPods happens automatically, and there isn’t a way to manually do it. However, some people have found success by putting the AirPods in a case, connecting it to a power source, then re-pairing them to an iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot of AirPod firmware settings on iOS.

In any case, you can easily check which firmware you have by going to Settings > General > About. Scroll down until you see AirPods / AirPods Pro. As you can see in my screenshot, I have yet to receive the update.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Releases Firmware Update 2D15 for AirPods Pro

  • Had my AirPod Pro’s since November. Started with firmware version 2B584. When new, the tip test showed (green) a good fit for both medium and large tips. Noticed little difference with firmware update 2B588. Then, firmware update 2C54 came along. Noise cancelation was reduced after the 2C54 update. The tip test no longer passes. Shows (yellow) poor fit for medium and large tips where before they were green. Lived with this update since December. Apple made no attempt to fix the flawed firmware update since December for those who received the 2C54 update automatically.

    After receiving the 2D15 update, the noise cancelation sounds to be slightly improved. The ear tip test still fails for small, medium and large tips. So, do the tips degrade over time or is the tip test failure still due to the firmware updates after 2B588? I believe the medium tips are best for comfort and fit. When the larger tips are warn, the bass is improved but you can hear your foot steps when you walk and you can hear yourself chew when eating. I call this conducted audio noise. The conducted audio noise is reduce when using the medium tips.

    Comply Foam is coming out with foam tips for the AirPod Pro’s by the end of May. Will try these to see if there is improved performance with bass, fit and elimination of conducted audio noise.

  • Andrew:

    I’m one of those still on 2B588. I had to replace my AirPods Pro recently when one had ceased relaying sound, and following an online suggested fix, I had my devices ‘forget’ them and then attempted without success (alone and Apple – assisted) to reconnect them to my devices, so this is the factory installed firmware.

    The noise cancellation is noticeable, but as I commented once before, not as pronounced as on my wired Bose earbuds. I had assumed that this was due to the limitations of Bluetooth technology, so will be interested to see if there is any noticeable change with the update.

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