Legacy App Aperture Won’t Run on Future macOS Versions

Apple has created a new support document warning users that its legacy photo editing app Aperture won’t run on future versions of macOS (via MacRumors).

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Apple stopped developing Aperture in 2014. Since then the company launched Photos for Mac to be the new desktop photo management software. Because macOS is moving to 64-bit apps, certain files created using old formats and codecs will also be incompatible with future macOS versions. Aperture users will have to migrate their photo libraries to Photos or Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Migrating a Photo Library Manually

  1. Quit Photos.
  2. Hold down the Option key and open Photos.
  3. Select the library you want to open and then click Choose Library. If the library you want isn’t listed, click Other Library. Navigate to the library you want, and click Open.

Image of migrating a library to Aperture

You can also navigate to the library in Finder and drag it onto the Photos icon.

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