Apple Card Rollout Scheduled for August

During Apple’s earnings call for Q3 2019, Tim Cook mentioned that thousands of Apple employees have been using Apple Card, and Apple Card rollout will begin in August.

Apple Card

iOS 12.4 lets customers use Apple Card, and you can sign up inside Wallet. The company says that approval for the Goldman Sachs-backed credit card will only take seconds. You’ll get the digital card immediately, and you can opt to have a physical, titanium card mailed to you. Apple Card rewards will include:

  • 1% back on purchases made with the physical card lovingly described above
  • 2% back on purchases made through Apple Pay
  • 3% back on Apple purchases

Customers will get Daily Cash back from purchases made with Apple Card, and the money will be deposited into your Apple Cash account. iOS Wallet will give you an interface designed to make it easy to pay down your credit balance. You’ll see spending in different categories, and the minimum amount you can pay so you won’t have interest.

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