You remember that iTunes 12.5.3 update Apple released a couple of days ago? The one where the patch notes were the same as the patch notes from iTunes 12.5.2? Well good news. There’s a new iTunes 12.5.3 update waiting for you in the Mac App Store. It’s a new build of the same update. And oh yeah, the patch notes explain nothing.

iTunes 12.5.3 Redux

Here’s the About iTunes window for the first iTunes 12.5.3, which happens to be

About iTunes

And here’s the the About iTunes window for the new version, which happens to be

About iTunes

To be clear, the new build 17 shows up in the Mac App Store even if you already installed build 16. Those who haven’t installed build 16 will most likely only see build 17.

Just for fun, here’s my Mac App Store update log:

Mac App Store Update Log

So yeah…there’s that.

Or maybe an Apple engineer’s cat stepped on the “Push Build” key on his or her keyboard a couple of times?

Thanks to Scott @ScooterComputer for the heads up. You can shoot me notes on Twitter, too.

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I thought this was strange too. The third time I updated iTunes it was a full 246MB update as well. I thought Macs use Delta updates now (where only the changed code or additional code is downloaded instead of the whole app).

I agree with you on the cat stepped “push build” scenario, because these series of updates is bizarre.