Apple Intros Leather Apple Pencil Case

Apple Pencil Case

It may not have been a big enough announcement to make the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, but the new Apple Pencil Case is still pretty cool.

Apple Pencil Case
Apple’s new Apple Pencil Case

The Apple Pencil Case is a leather sleeve that protects your Apple Pencil when you aren’t using it. You can choose from four colors: Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue, and Black.

Instant gratification fans, however, won’t be happy. The earliest you can get one is June 14th if you order from Apple’s web site, and they won’t be in the company’s retail stores until June 19th. The Apple Pencil Case is priced at US$29.

One thought on “Apple Intros Leather Apple Pencil Case

  • Sure this will protect the Apple Pencil but the larger problem, to my mind, is storing the Pencil with the iPad Pro.
    I tried a couple of options for “clips” but eventually settled on this folio design from STM with a pencil “slot” which: protects the iPad, can be used as a stand, holds the Apple Pencil securely in transit, allows the Apple Pencil to sit on top the slot while using the iPad such that it doesn’t roll off the desk, and… the slot is positioned such that the cap is held in the slot by the iPad magnets while the pencil is charging.

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