Apple Moves to Replace Yelp With its Now-Available Rating System in Maps

Apple Maps rating system

The rating system in Apple Maps is now available for people to rate their local businesses. You can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down and add your own photos to a business’s page.

Rating Business Through Apple Maps

When you tap on a business in Maps you’ll see a “Rate” button with thumbs up/down. Tap on that to rate the business. With places like restaurants you’ll see options to rate based on Atmosphere, Customer Service, Food & Drink, and an Overall score. With other businesses like a grocery store, for example, you’ll only see an Overall category.

For now, ratings and reviews from Yelp are still listed, but as more people use Apple’s built-in system it’s likely that one day Yelp will be removed. Also, so far Apple Maps doesn’t support a written review, although it’s possible that will come in a future update.

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Hmmm…. thumbs up or down is not really a good or accurate rating system. A place can have really great food, but the ambience can be a bit less exciting. No way to reflect this in a black and white rating system.

Lee Dronick

A written review is a must have feature.